How To Add Or Remove A Yahoo Mail Recovery Option On A Mobile Device?

In today’s world where cyber crimes are on the rise, it is necessary to keep your online data and account safe and secure. Yahoo Mail is one of the most secure and reliable email service providers. It offers you multiple ways to keep your account safe against hacking and other online threats. Yahoo offers you options such as two-step verification and account recovery. In order to activate two-step verification, you need to register a mobile number or email with Yahoo mail and whenever you or someone try to sign into your account from a new device, Yahoo will prompt for verifying your identity by sending a code on your registered email/phone.

In case if someone hacks your account or you have forgotten your Yahoo Mail password, you can easily recover your account using a password recovery options. If you haven’t added any password recovery options or you want to change your password recovery options, following are the steps that can help you add or remove Yahoo Mail recovery option on a mobile device.

Steps to Add or Remove a Yahoo Mail Recovery Option on a Mobile Device

Note: This Yahoo feature may not be available for all Yahoo applications. If it’s available in your app, you may be prompt to enter your password, phone pass code, or Touch ID.
1.) Open the Yahoo app or open it in the mobile browser. Tap on the Sidebar icon (three horizontal lines on the top left corner).

2.) Scroll down and locate the option Account info and tap on it. In case your are using a Yahoo Mail app, you will need to locate and tap Manage Accounts option.

3.) Under Account info page, tap on Sidebar icon located on the top left corner and select Account security tab.

4.) On the next screen, tap on the Add recovery phone number or Add recovery email address. Once you tap on either of the options, you will be prompted to enter your email address or phone number and verify it by entering the code sent to the respective email/phone. Enter the code on the subsequent screen and tap Verify button to register it successfully.

Note: If you already had an email or phone registered and if you are looking to remove it, then you will need to tap on your Phone numbers/Email addresses. Once your click on the respective option, you will get an option to delete your Phone/Email. Remove it and you will be able to add another Phone/Email as an account recovery option. Moreover, Yahoo Mail lets you add multiple phone numbers and email address.

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